When to Call a Business Accountant

Owning and managing a small to medium-size business is exciting, but does come with a whole bunch of administrative red tape that no business owner really enjoys dealing with. We’re talking about things like managing financial statements and dealing with company taxation. Not your cup of tea? Here’s when to call a business accountant…

You Don’t Have Time for Financials

If you’re not too sure what’s happening with your business finances, it might be time to call a business accountant. These are accounting practitioners who measure a business financials and deliver detailed financial reports. This gives you, the business owner, with a clear picture of where you’re at financially – and where you could possibly optimise expenditure.

You’re Looking for Business Growth

To grow, a business must improve. To improve a business, one must take a look at its performance in a general sense – and identify opportunities for improvement. A business accountant will audit and independently review your business, pinpointing challenges that need to be addressed while highlighting strengths that can be leveraged for business growth.

You Seriously Dislike the Tax Man

When to call a business accountant? When you’re fed up with the tax man would be one answer! A business accountant doubles as a tax consultant for a business, ensuring that the entity is tax compliant and that the relevant taxes are being paid as and when they are due. Another HUGE headache that a business accountant can remedy!

You’ve Got Big Business Plans

When business accountants partner with financial advisors, things seriously begin happening for a small business. In a financial advisory capacity, business accountants are able to identify opportunities to save a company money – which can then be used to grow the business. Financial advisory services also include business assurance, medical aid services and investment planning.

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